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St. Joe’s Annual Coffeehouse

20181011_080849 (1).jpgBy Sophie Goegan

On November 14, Coffeehouse is set to happen in the gym of St. Joseph’s school. The Coffeehouse is a showcase of students musical talents. This gathering gives students a chance to perform in front of a crowd and share their love for music.

Instead of singing in the shower you could be singing on the stage, you just have to sign up and audition.

I’m so excited to sing at coffeehouse, I had lots of fun last time!” said Lola Sine

The Coffeehouse is a month away and the sign up sheet is already filled up.  Soon enough students, parents and many others will fill up chairs and listen to students express themselves through music.



trumpet copySaint Joseph’s Jazz Band is getting excited for their for their upcoming performance at the fall Coffee House. The Coffee House will be held on Thursday, November 15th, 2018. This year is the Jazz Band’s biggest year, with over 25 students having joined. The group is run by music teacher, Mr. Don Macleod. The band has a wide range of talents from all different age groups, who are all looking forward to getting up on stage. Continue reading “JAZZ BAND GETTING JAZZED OVER COFFEE HOUSE”

The In’s and Out’s of Being in a Pit Band

IMG_8063Students at St. Joseph’s High School has been practicing for the upcoming musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Not only do the actors and actresses need to practice but so do the band members of the pit band.

The play includes around ten songs per act meaning a total of about twenty-four songs. Therefore the band needs lots of practice. Right now the band practices every Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch. With the help of teachers Ms. Beauvais and Mr. MacLeod, the band has already learned more than half of the songs.

Students Hayden Lacasse and Chloe Charette explained “It’s a lot of pressure being in a pit band, but being involved in the musical is fun”

Chloe plays the drums in the band while Hayden plays all other percussion’s which would be everything from tambourine to kettle drums. Both students were already in St. Joseph’s Jazz Band and are excited to now be involved in the musical.

Being in a pit band means setting the mood for the musical, when the scene is scary the music has to match that mood, if the scene is happy the music must match that. There is a lot of pressure when being in a pit band since you set the mood of the musical. Luckily St. Joseph’s has an amazing band of students and teachers that are prepared for the job.

Once it comes closer to the musical the band will start practicing Tuesday’s at lunch and after school then Wednesday’s at lunch and every second Sunday. The first night of the musical will be May 16 and will go until May 19.

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Local Musician Jack McKinley

Local Musician Jack McKinley
Above: Jack plays in Town Square.

Part of our diverse range of musical talent at St. Joe’s includes country music artist, Jack McKinley. Jack writes original music, performed at the last coffee house, and can be seen in Town Square performing at lunch time.

McKinley first realized he wanted to be a musician at a very young age. “My dad is a musician, his dad is a musician, so it runs in my family.” he explained. “I started playing when I was four. Not advanced obviously, but I had a couple chords down.”

Although McKinley also plays piano and drums, his passion is the guitar. His favorite genres of music to play are country and gospel. “These songs hit me close to home,” he expressed. “I put a lot of faith in God and my family,”

Some of Jack’s idols include country artist Brantley Gilbert, and his father. “My dad gave me the equipment and insight to begin (my musical journey),” he stated. “Brantley’s songs have helped me through times of depression. I love every one of his songs.”

Jack, who is currently in grade 10, is new to St Joe’s this year. “I’ve made friends through playing, and the resources here help a lot. I’m glad this school is friendly towards musicians.”

Jack’s future musical plans include going to Nashville to pursue a career in country music.

Another Year, Another Play; Joseph + The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

IMG_5765 (2).jpg

Pictured, left to right, are Thomas Cherney and Julia McCuaig, two prominent characters in the play.

New timetables aren’t the only thing that comes with the start of a new semester. Though the performances of SJHS’ annual play aren’t until May, the practices and preparations are officially a go.

With 31 actors and 8 pit crew members, along with a number of volunteers, the team has practices every Monday and Wednesday after school, as well as every second Sunday 1-5pm. Despite only beginning practices in November, the crew are already halfway through the play, and the choreography is done.

What is the play about, you ask? I wondered the same.

“The musical is about a man named Joseph and the ups and downs of his life story. It is a very interesting plot!  As for the rest, you’ll just have to wait for May,” said Thomas Cherney, one of the leading characters in the play.

As for the actors, you can sense the anticipation as soon as you entered the current practice room, the music room. When asked about how she enjoyed being a part of the play, Maria Cassanto responded,

“I love it! It is a great experience for everyone involved! And I love following in my family’s footsteps!”

This seems to be a common feeling among the cast. When Julia McCuaig, the narrator of the play, was asked what she enjoyed most about the play, she responded,

“I love the singing and the dancing, and also meeting new people from other grades! It is truly a great community building experience!”

The play will run May 16th until May 19th, and the cast hopes to see you there!

St. Josephs Jazz Band


At St. Joseph’s High School there are many extra curricular activities that are offered, the St Joe’s Jazz Band is one of these activities. Each practice is held Tuesday after school for all students who are interested in joining. It is a great way to experience the power of music. Donald Macleod is the band conductor, and he also enjoys playing with the group. The band has over twenty members this year.


“This year in Jazz Band with so many people it’s a great chance to get to hear the full sound, and to hear all the instrumentation in the different pieces that we ordered.” Macleod said.

Continue reading “St. Josephs Jazz Band”

St. Joes’ Choir Wants You!

20170929_093737The school needs students with a singing talent, male and female, for the St. Joe’s choir.  There are many activities the choir participates in, and it’s a perfect opportunity for those within the school to reveal their hidden talents. The choir is great at moulding raw talent into something usable. The choir director is Miss. Beauvais, who talked about the choir and their upcoming activities throughout the year.

“The choir has a full slate of activities this year. Probably the first performance they’ll give is for a Remembrance Day Service. They also participate in the mass throughout the school year, so many of the choir members will cover both of those areas.”

Janice Beauvais is the director of the choir, who teaches the students about their parts in upcoming songs and directs the choir.

“I’m the choir director, and I teach them their parts and I accompany them if it happens to be a piece that’s accompanied if it’s not I conduct them and I make sure everyone is entering and everyone is on track.”

The choir always wants new members, and everyone is able to audition for the choir. They will test your vocal range, and what part you will sing in the choir.

“Well everybody has a range they are comfortable in so what we do is set it up so they can find out without damaging their voice.”

The choir wants to accept everyone they can, so finding their vocal range is extremely important, and it helps students realise their full potential.

Grade 10 Culminating Play

The Grade 10 Drama class successfully completed their performance of Superheroes, Unite! on June 15. Here are some of the pictures from their performance:

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Written by: Dylan Rekowski and Lyndon Caster

Photos by: Dylan Rekowski

Play Tomorrow Night


The Grade 10 Drama class will be putting on their performance of Superheroes, Unite! on June 15, at 7 pm. Admission is free, but donations are always appreciated. So come on out and see an amazing performance that the Grade 10 class has been working hard on for many weeks.

Written by: Dylan Rekowski and Lyndon Caster

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