20170929_093737The school needs students with a singing talent, male and female, for the St. Joe’s choir.  There are many activities the choir participates in, and it’s a perfect opportunity for those within the school to reveal their hidden talents. The choir is great at moulding raw talent into something usable. The choir director is Miss. Beauvais, who talked about the choir and their upcoming activities throughout the year.

“The choir has a full slate of activities this year. Probably the first performance they’ll give is for a Remembrance Day Service. They also participate in the mass throughout the school year, so many of the choir members will cover both of those areas.”

Janice Beauvais is the director of the choir, who teaches the students about their parts in upcoming songs and directs the choir.

“I’m the choir director, and I teach them their parts and I accompany them if it happens to be a piece that’s accompanied if it’s not I conduct them and I make sure everyone is entering and everyone is on track.”

The choir always wants new members, and everyone is able to audition for the choir. They will test your vocal range, and what part you will sing in the choir.

“Well everybody has a range they are comfortable in so what we do is set it up so they can find out without damaging their voice.”

The choir wants to accept everyone they can, so finding their vocal range is extremely important, and it helps students realise their full potential.