At St. Joseph’s High School there are many extra curricular activities that are offered, the St Joe’s Jazz Band is one of these activities. Each practice is held Tuesday after school for all students who are interested in joining. It is a great way to experience the power of music. Donald Macleod is the band conductor, and he also enjoys playing with the group. The band has over twenty members this year.


“This year in Jazz Band with so many people it’s a great chance to get to hear the full sound, and to hear all the instrumentation in the different pieces that we ordered.” Macleod said.

Donald teaches an assortment of instruments, and with the school’s funding, he was able to buy more instruments for students.


“This year were lucky again to be able to have funding to pick up another Yamaha Tenor, Yamaha Alto, and our second Yamaha Trumpet. And we are up to about fourteen new instruments over the last two years.”


There is an ongoing discussion between the members of the band, about having practice two days a week instead of one.


“I personally feel Jazz Band will benefit from having two practices a week instead of one,” one of the band’s members Allison Barnabe stated. “But I also understand people’s lives are busy and I am thankful Mr. MacLeod takes time out of his life to organize such an awesome thing and I feel having two practices a week when it’s near Coffee House, Christmas Concert or the end of the year trip will definitely help.”


The Jazz Band welcomes all new members and encourages everyone to join. With more members, the Band will be able to further improve their sound, and they will be able to grow as musicians.