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Pictured, left to right, are Thomas Cherney and Julia McCuaig, two prominent characters in the play.

New timetables aren’t the only thing that comes with the start of a new semester. Though the performances of SJHS’ annual play aren’t until May, the practices and preparations are officially a go.

With 31 actors and 8 pit crew members, along with a number of volunteers, the team has practices every Monday and Wednesday after school, as well as every second Sunday 1-5pm. Despite only beginning practices in November, the crew are already halfway through the play, and the choreography is done.

What is the play about, you ask? I wondered the same.

“The musical is about a man named Joseph and the ups and downs of his life story. It is a very interesting plot!  As for the rest, you’ll just have to wait for May,” said Thomas Cherney, one of the leading characters in the play.

As for the actors, you can sense the anticipation as soon as you entered the current practice room, the music room. When asked about how she enjoyed being a part of the play, Maria Cassanto responded,

“I love it! It is a great experience for everyone involved! And I love following in my family’s footsteps!”

This seems to be a common feeling among the cast. When Julia McCuaig, the narrator of the play, was asked what she enjoyed most about the play, she responded,

“I love the singing and the dancing, and also meeting new people from other grades! It is truly a great community building experience!”

The play will run May 16th until May 19th, and the cast hopes to see you there!