Local Musician Jack McKinley
Above: Jack plays in Town Square.

Part of our diverse range of musical talent at St. Joe’s includes country music artist, Jack McKinley. Jack writes original music, performed at the last coffee house, and can be seen in Town Square performing at lunch time.

McKinley first realized he wanted to be a musician at a very young age. “My dad is a musician, his dad is a musician, so it runs in my family.” he explained. “I started playing when I was four. Not advanced obviously, but I had a couple chords down.”

Although McKinley also plays piano and drums, his passion is the guitar. His favorite genres of music to play are country and gospel. “These songs hit me close to home,” he expressed. “I put a lot of faith in God and my family,”

Some of Jack’s idols include country artist Brantley Gilbert, and his father. “My dad gave me the equipment and insight to begin (my musical journey),” he stated. “Brantley’s songs have helped me through times of depression. I love every one of his songs.”

Jack, who is currently in grade 10, is new to St Joe’s this year. “I’ve made friends through playing, and the resources here help a lot. I’m glad this school is friendly towards musicians.”

Jack’s future musical plans include going to Nashville to pursue a career in country music.