IMG_8063Students at St. Joseph’s High School has been practicing for the upcoming musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Not only do the actors and actresses need to practice but so do the band members of the pit band.

The play includes around ten songs per act meaning a total of about twenty-four songs. Therefore the band needs lots of practice. Right now the band practices every Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch. With the help of teachers Ms. Beauvais and Mr. MacLeod, the band has already learned more than half of the songs.

Students Hayden Lacasse and Chloe Charette explained “It’s a lot of pressure being in a pit band, but being involved in the musical is fun”

Chloe plays the drums in the band while Hayden plays all other percussion’s which would be everything from tambourine to kettle drums. Both students were already in St. Joseph’s Jazz Band and are excited to now be involved in the musical.

Being in a pit band means setting the mood for the musical, when the scene is scary the music has to match that mood, if the scene is happy the music must match that. There is a lot of pressure when being in a pit band since you set the mood of the musical. Luckily St. Joseph’s has an amazing band of students and teachers that are prepared for the job.

Once it comes closer to the musical the band will start practicing Tuesday’s at lunch and after school then Wednesday’s at lunch and every second Sunday. The first night of the musical will be May 16 and will go until May 19.

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